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Benefits of A2 Milk

Benefits of A2 Milk

Close to Raw Milk

Milk has long dominated the American diet for years, as an essential staple for health and bone strength. It is densely loaded with nutritious fats and proteins that make us strong. In these modern times there are multiple options ranging from heavily processed all the way to raw milk. One milk in particular that has gained some popularity is A2 milk.

The name may be intimidating at first as one wonders, what does A2 mean? Cows milk is loaded with protein: one reason it is a popular drink choice for fitness gurus. These proteins are made up of two types, A1 and A2. For the strong-stomached, there is no significant difference between these two types of protein.

At this point you might have already guessed that A2 milk only contains A2 proteins. This is simply means the protein make-up of the milk is different. However, significant studies have shown one important difference between the two types of protein. People who often reported stomach issues when drinking regular milk (A1 and A2 protein), found that their digestive problems were gone when they only consumed A2 milk (milk lacking the A1 protein). It is now becoming a well-known fact that A2 milk is easier on the stomach than regular milk. In fact, some studies suggest a significant amount of people are improperly diagnosed with lactose intolerance, when in reality they just have a sensitivity to the A1 protein.

Digestive benefits are not the only bright side to A2 milk. Another benefit is the correlation of A2 milk and a high-quality local dairy farm. There is only one way to get A2 milk and that is to get it from a cow that only produces that particular protein. Most cows produce both proteins and cannot be used to make A2 milk. So in order to harvest this milk, the farmers must do a heavily selective process in choosing special cows that only produce the A2 protein. This process is too long and costly for major milk corporations so one will often find only local dairy farms carry A2 milk. This leads to a greater attention-to-detail when making the milk. Dairy farms that make A2 milk are often local and attentive during the dairy making process. When buying A2 milk, or A2 milk products, one can be assured the milk has been through selective and intimate vetting. This results in higher quality milk.

So what is the take away? Well, A2 milk only has benefits—better digestion, and locally produced. Compared to regular milk it wins in taste as well, as it typically comes from local farms with great attentiveness toward dairy products. If you haven’t tried A2 milk before, and have stomach issues, please do. This might fix your problem and allow you to fully enjoy one of nature’s most delicious beverages.