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Egg Nog For The Chill!

Egg Nog For The Chill!

There’s a chill in the air and more catalogs in the mailbox, so you know what that means. The holidays are coming and Mills River Creamery will soon be serving up eggnog!

The origins of eggnog, also known as “egg milk punch,” is the subject of some debate. Some folks believe it originated in East Anglia, England, but others say it developed from posset, a beverage made with hot milk, often with eggs added in, that was popular in medieval Europe. The “nog” part may have come from the word “noggin”, an English term for a small, carved wooden mug used to serve alcohol. The British drink was also called an Egg Flip, due to the practice of “flipping” or rapidly pouring it between two pitchers to mix it.

Eggnog made its way to our continent during colonial days, where Canadian and U.S. citizens have traditionally consumed it from Thanksgiving through the end of the Christmas season. By the 18th Century, eggnog was so popular it actually caused a riot. In December 1826, whiskey was smuggled into the barracks of the United States Military Academy to make eggnog for a Christmas Day party. Mischief commenced and the incident resulted in court-martial for 20 cadets and an enlisted soldier!

At Mills River, our eggnog doesn’t contain spirits, so we don’t plan to stir up much of a commotion. But we sure hope you’ll have some fun using our fresh-made eggnog for all your holiday festivities. Made with our own “as close to raw as you can get” milk and real eggs, we’ll start offering fresh batches soon and continue through Christmas.
In fact, in the interest of fun and new ideas, we hope you’ll share your holiday eggnog creations with us and other Mills River customers. Eggnog is now used for so many things in addition to punch bowl recipes – like ice cream, coffee drinks and French toast, to name a few – that we hope you’ll use Mills River Creamery Eggnog to try something new this holiday season, or serve up an old family recipe, and tell us about it on Facebook.

From now through Christmas, post your favorite eggnog recipes on our Facebook page for our customers to try out and vote on their favorites. In January, we’ll recognize the winners, and the customer whose recipe gets the most Likes will win some free products from Mills River Creamery in 2016.

To find out when the first batch of eggnog will be available, follow us on Facebook, keep checking the Mills River Creamery website, or give us a call at 828-891-4007. And have a happy and safe holiday season!