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4193 Haywood Road 
Mills River, NC 28759

Farmstead Cheese

Our Farmstead Cheese is Farmstead produced from milk on the farm. Our flavored cheeses come from our friend at Sweetwater Valley Farms and our curds and white cheddar are made at the English Farm in Marion, NC.

Cheese Curds

"Squeaky Cheese" Delivered fresh weekly

Local Cheese

Ashford Cheese made locally.


The tangy snap of buttermilk in a pleasantly smooth cheese

Fiery Fiesta

A fiesta for your mouth loaded with jalapeño peppers

Roasted Garlic Pepper

A smooth, sophisticated blend of roasted garlic and pepper

Sharp White Cheddar

Our traditional yellow cheddar

Yellow White Cheddar

Our traditional yellow cheddar

Tomato Herb

A tasty medley of sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and cilantro