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4193 Haywood Road 
Mills River, NC 28759

Our Dairy

Our dairy and bottling facility are located in the Mills River valley just outside of Asheville. Having both so close together allows us to produce and bottle our milk in virtually the same day, which allows us to offer the freshest product with the longest shelf life that is available to the area. All of our products are low temperature vat pasteurized but they are not homogenized, making it as close to being raw milk as you can legally buying in the state of North Carolina at this time.

We offer gallons and half gallons of white whole milk, whole milk chocolate milk, whole milk buttermilk along with homemade ice-cream, farmstead cheese, and fresh real butter at our store at 4193 Haywood Road in Mills River.

We are proud to be a third generation dairy farming family that has been selling milk products to the public since 1917.

Our Jersey Cows